A visual book and dating sim games that features gay romance full of spectacular CGs, songs, express functioning and massage treatment motif!

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Entire Solution ? BL/Yaoi/Gay Match ? Matchmaking Sim ? Vision Novel

Online Games · Laredo, Usa · Herculion

A graphic unique and dating sim online game which includes gay relationship packed with stunning CGs, musical, voice performing and massage theme! Look at Kickstarter

    $96,325 of $20,000 2500 elevated (482per cent)

Creatures of Murka: Chromatic Field

Tabletop Gaming · Columbus, US · Measures Literary Composition

A queer-led, queer-designed 5e complement with large homosexual energy, taking place in a satirical, high-fantasy form of New York City! Take on Kickstarter

    $57,073 of $15,000 2500 raised (380%)

To Trust an Incubus Bara Yaoi BL Gay Romance Sim Visual Creative

Games · Las Cruces, US · Yamila Abraham

The temp person Kenta happens to be quarantined in a clinical with Professor Raiden, his or her clinical associate Arata, and 4 HORNY Incubi from another aspect! Take on Kickstarter

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    $47,217 of $20,000 USD lifted (236percent)

Alpha Ditch Imprisonment Yaoi Bara Gay BL Sci-Fi LGBTQ Vision Novel

Gaming Systems · Santa Fe, US · Yamila Abraham

Earthling Miguel receives lifetime in Alpha Hole–a infamous space prison! The man must make use of his charms to get a strong inmate to shield him. Look at Kickstarter

    $46,854 of $40,000 USD lifted (117%)

Intense Meatpunks Forever: The Roleplaying Event

Tabletop gaming · Cornwall and Isles of Scilly, United Kingdom · Sinister mustache programs

A tabletop Role-play Game about discovered kids, queerness and enormous robots produced chicken. End up being homosexual. Original mechs. Destroy Nazis. Look at Kickstarter

    ?31,523 of ?15,000 GBP lifted (210percent)

Coming Out On The Top – A Gay Relationship Sim Gaming

On-line Computer Games · Eureka, United States Of America · Obscura

Video match where you bring a homosexual college or university guy whom just arrived on the scene from the wardrobe. A dating sim with suspense, laughter, & erotic conditions. View on Kickstarter

    $38,601 of $5,000 2500 brought up (772percent)

Mister Flexible

Games · Santa Fe, U . S . · Yamila Abraham

A Gay Bara Yaoi BL LGBT Superhero Vision Work Of Fiction Game Look At Kickstarter

    $35,500 of $20,000 USD lifted (178%)

Morningdew Plants: A Synergistic Gay Farming Artistic Work Of Fiction

On-line Games · Las Cruces, United States · Yamila Abraham

Angelic Southerner Cody at long last understands his or her desire starting a grazing into the Gayborhood of Morningdew! Fun agriculture and beautiful loving-Yeehaw! Take on Kickstarter

    $31,450 of $20,000 2500 lifted (157percent)

Star of Rune: A BL / Yaoi Vision Novel RPG

On-line computer games · Iowa Area, US · YesterJoy Games

a guys’ like / homosexual visual unique and a relationship sim that mixes an impressive and attractive story with puzzle and RPG properties. View on Kickstarter

    $29,246 of $9,500 USD elevated (308%)


Video Gaming · Los Angeles, U . S . · Heather Blossoms

A graphic novel/mech brawler about gay disasters beating-up neonazis in gigantic robots made from meats. Take on Kickstarter

    $26,907 of $22,000 USD elevated (122percent)

Robin Morningwood Venture

Video Games · Lille, France · Grizzly Gamer Facility

Robin Morningwood Adventure try a homosexual (bara) sensual online dating simulator and journey video. Look at Kickstarter

    €18,119 of €12,000 EUR elevated (151%)

The Divine Speaker System – An Illusion BL/Yaoi/Gay Vision Book

Games · Hobart, Melbourne · Two-and-a-half Studios

A BL/Yaoi Visual book pursuing the recreation of Raen since he’s cast out from his homes and is looking redemption. Exactly what try fate, in any event? Look at Kickstarter

    $29,500 of $16,060 AUD raised (184%)

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