Ask Me any such thing Chancellor Carol Christ answers questions on Reddit

Chancellor Carol Christ hosted a Reddit AMA on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2020. (UC Berkeley photo by Yvonne Edwards)

UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ took concerns on anything from pass/no pass grade needs, tuition refunds and spring break, to her response to this year’s dual Nobel award win whenever she sat straight straight down on Tuesday for an Ask me personally such a thing on Reddit .

below are a few highlights that are AMASome concerns had been reduced for length and quality):

Concern from bustedlame : is there talks or ideas of modifying the optional P/NP technique to hoe habbo-account te verwijderen one thing more restricted like enabling (one) major requirement to be P/NP, or something like that comparable? It appears in my opinion that the complete P/NP strategy is extremely modifiable in a fashion that will give pupils that are highly influenced by remote learning the breathing space this is certainly necessary , you guys considering any limited or modified version of the P/NP policy for the semester… I n short, are?

Chancellor Christ : many thanks for the concern. I am aware this is certainly a tremendously hot subject for our pupils, therefore I’m maybe maybe maybe not amazed that here is the most well known subject for this AMA.

To start, we observe that pupils are facing unprecedented challenges in this time that is extraordinary wish to accomplish any such thing we could to assist ease the responsibility. Having said that, P/NP needs aren’t a simple problem, nor one thing I’m able to control by fiat.

The University of Ca features a long-standing tradition of provided governance that numerous would argue has added to its extraordinary success. As a result, the authority to create modifications to P/NP demands are delegated for the college as well as the campus. Some areas of the P/NP policy are set because of the systemwide senate that is academic. Other people are in the range of this Berkeley unit regarding the Academic Senate. Other people are set by the faculty associated with educational schools and universities.

You will find four aspects that are basic our P/NP policy — the limitation from the amount of total devices which can be taken P/NP, the limitation that major needs may not be taken P/NP, the limitation that prerequisites for majors may not be taken P/NP, in addition to due date through which a training course may be switched from graded status to P/NP. 1st of the aspects of the insurance policy is beneath the control over the systemwide Senate. One other three sleep inside the authority associated with educational schools and universities. L&S has made the due date for switching to P/NP much later — moved it till December; we’re motivating other universities to take into account such an alteration.

Take into account that you have got a range that is wide of to cut back your educational anxiety. You are able to currently use up to 33per cent of the graduation needs P/NP (and final semester’s courses don’t count from this total). Most UC Berkeley pupils are using more devices you may want to consider reducing your course load than they need to. Along with your division and university advisors is there to assist you: they will have considerable latitude to give exemptions to P/NP restrictions — for major needs, for instance.

I understand this will be a extremely time that is stressful We encourage one to make use of the latitude you’ve got in going classes to P/NP or asking your consultant for an exclusion.

Concern from bee5sea6 : what’s going on with springtime break 2021? Within the study, it absolutely was recommended which you had been considering getting rid from it very nearly entirely. When can we expect any updates on that choice, and exactly how really is the fact that choice really being taken?

Chancellor Christ we all know that the pandemic was hugely troublesome to pupils and their own families, and then we would you like to accommodate students as well we can. Berkeley has refunded housing and dining charges for people who left college housing this spring that is past. We have been attempting to help all pupils, no matter where they elect to live, including through school funding and pupil solutions to meet up with both in-person and learning that is remote living requires. Crisis capital and expense of attendance modifications (through our school funding and Scholarships workplace) can be obtained to help specific pupils dealing with hardship that is financial. Of course a students’ families’ financial circumstances have substantially changed within the last couple of few months, they need to contact our aid that is financial office we are going to get them to getting all help which is why they truly are qualified.

Because each individual’s situation is unique, we encourage pupils who will be dealing with significant challenges to communicate with their consultant for more information on resources and choices open to them.

Concern from sprucegoose11 : Chancellor Christ: I’d want to hear some tangible plans for rehabilitating the admissions procedure making sure that under-qualified pupils can’t just purchase their means into this college. Exactly what are some concrete actions which are being taken?

Chancellor Christ : Our admissions procedure is dependant on a holistic overview of every applicant, looking not merely at test grades and ratings, but in addition at students’ achievements into the context of the possibilities, challenges, and status that is socioeconomic. Our admissions that are current is sound and reflects lots of significant improvements built in the last few years. Within the last admissions period, we admitted a more ethnically diverse course and admitted more lower-income pupils. Admitting a exemplary class that is additionally diverse, showing a cross-section of California’s communities, is an integral element of our objective being a college.

After responding to concerns for 90 moments, Christ left the AMA. Find out more and get in on the conversation on Reddit .

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