Chào mừng quý khách đến với Mandala Club

Tận hưởng sự tiện nghi, đẳng cấp của hệ thống khách sạn sang trọng bậc nhất và trải nghiệm những ưu đãi VIP dành riêng cho thành viên của Mandala Club.


At Mandala Hotel & Spa, we provide health care services for family and individual in Jjim Jil Bang zone – the Korean style sauna.

The Koreans often go to Jjim Jil Bang to relax and restore health after stressful long-hour workday, thus this service is also considered as a social place for other interaction purposes.


Mandala Hotel & Spa’s gym is a high-class gymnasium with a modern, cool, luxurious training space, a brandnew modern equipment system for practice everyday.

All guests staying at the hotel will have free gym access. For guests not staying at the hotel, we are pleased to serve you under membership programs.


A therapy to relax the soul
Located in Mandala Hotel & Spa, The Sen Spa is designed as a quite, private place of passionate souls, an ideal place for you and your loved ones. Here starting your journey to wonderful life, and immerse yourself in the sublimation moments of true spa art.